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Firefly wins BUSA finals!

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The biggest Firefly event of the year so far was completed last weekend, though unfortunately you had to be a student to be in it!

Forty two Fireflies were assembled at Datchet for the three day team racing finals, ranging from Oxford’s brand new flight back to one of the first sets of Rondar boats, produced last century!

Well done to Oxford for beating Southampton in the closest mixed final for many years, and also to Bristol 2 for beating a very strong team from Durham in the ladies finals.

Needless to say a few familiar faces from the Firefly circuit used their boatspeed to power through the final rounds. Commentating from the royal enclosure was Firefly champion Steve Tylecote. For a full report and the umpire’s-eye-view you will have to wait until the next Firefly bulletin…

some great pictures if you’re interested at