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Survey Results

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Nearly 50 people responded to our recent survey, fairly cheap-and-cheerful and nothing earth-shattering to report but some useful suggestions came out. Click here for the breakdown by question

2009 NFA Survey Summary

 General impressions from a limited survey

 Nationals: A high proportion of respondents indicated that the number of races and the length is about right. Of the remaining people, the trend was towards more or shorter races rather than less. On the whole, the quality of the racing is what brings people to the nationals though geographic factors are also important. Social events were relevant and somebody pointed out that if we didn’t organise socials, people would ‘organise their own’. I guess this is a suggestion that the socials are important!

 Open events: Seawater events seemed to be marginally more popular (this was reflected in the open attendances) this may be because many home fleets sail on inland waters and like Team racing events are less popular as class events. Overwhelmingly the responses showed that the balance, number and venues we visit are about right. There was some enthusiasm in the comments boxes for some variety including singlehanded races and ‘fun’ racing. We should be able to achieve this as next season progresses by mentioning these races when advertising.

 Socials and Promotional activity: was less conclusive but the website and the prize draw were popular activities. Paper advertising was less popular but we should bear in mind that anyone filling in this survey has already been hooked! On the dinghy show there was some enthusiasm though many people were ‘not sure’. The feeling from the comments was that we should make the effort and there was a good idea to sell a second hand boat on the stand which we can investigate for a future year. Social events were seen as not crucial but a valuable add-on, as long as they are not too ‘cliquey’. They should be attached to sailing events. Overall, a mix of different promotional activities, socials and innovative activities should serve the interests of the class, as long as they are done properly.

 Thanks to all those who completed the survey, a randomly chosen respondent has a free T shirt on the way. Thanks for an interesting season, please continue to make your opinions known on the website and as ever, if you want to get involved on the NFA committee then message one of us through the site – we couldn’t do what we do without the committee and there are often vacant positions.

 Completely un-scientific and biased interpretation by:

Chris Guy

NFA Chairman