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Winter Handicap Racing

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The deep of winter is the season of handicap class racing.

Only the hardiest and the most foolhardy dinghy sailors take to the water in January, and the Firefly is the ideal boat with plenty of stowage for hot drinks and some protection against the elements, for the helm if not the crew.

2 Fireflies flew the flag for the class at the ‘Battle of the classes’ race which took place as part of the London boatshow in docklands. Nigel Wakefield and Emily Saunderson held 5th place against some other top class dinghy sailors including Stuart Hudson and Jo Bailey who came home in 17th. 59 boats took place from Topeers to Thames A-raters

Chris Guy and Simon Cowdell were 14th out of 60 starters (and 30 finishers) at the Bloody Mary.

Both these events took place in the record-breaking cold snap in early January. Full reports will be made in a future issue of the Bulletin magazine which full and associate members receive