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Tamesis Junior Cup!

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Tamesis Elizabeth Cup 24th April 2010

The annual firefly event at Tamesis took place over the weekend of 24th and 25th April.

Inaugural Tamesis Firefly Junior Cup 24th April


The first part of the Tamesis Firefly weekend opened with the inaugural Tamesis Firefly Junior Cup. A 2 race series with at least one member of the team under 6 years old. Eight teams took part on an ideal sailing day on the Thames with a gentle force 1-2 and lots of sunshine. The combined race team of Suzy Harris and Caroline Vines set a simple windward leeward course.


The first race Nia and Robin Mecklenburgh took an early lead with Anna and Amy Morris hot on their heels. Finian and Roger Morris were snapping at their transom on the run and managed to take second place at the leeward mark. Madeline , Arthur and Steve Greaves had a very close battle with Milly and Rob Wilder. The leading team of Nia and Rob were forced to retie which allowed Finn and Roger to hold their lead from Anna and Amy. Third place was just held by Milly and Rob from Madeline , Arthur and Steve.


The second race was a close affair with a good battle between Finian and Roger with Thomas and Alex Davey. With the international team of Jakob, Jospehina and Johann Wagner pushing them hard. One of the pre race favourites of Cam Boden, Robbie and Stuart Hudson were forced to retire, early despite their efforts as pirates. Finian and Roger held off Thomas and Alex to win the trophy. Finian was so pleased to win his first trophy of his sailing career and took it to bed with him.

All the teams retired to a well earned tea and cakes. We look forward to the teams returning next year as most of them were under 5!


Overall results

1st Place F3119 Finnian and Roger Morris

2nd Place F708 Jakob, Jospehina and Johann Wagner

3rd Place F2282 Anna and Amy Morris

4th Place F2246 Milly and Rob Wilder

5th Place F1867 Madeline , Arthur and Steve Greaves