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Nationals Practice race

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Fireflies return to Tenby

Roger Morris and Jo Bailey won the practice race at the Craftinsure 64th National Firefly Championships at Tenby on Saturday.

The Fireflies are returning to Tenby for the first time since 2004. With 66 boats registered, the turnout was higher than last year and included 14 more boats than the last time the fleet visited the town in 2004

The fleet launched in a northerly Force 4 in choppy conditions, for a taste of a promising week’s sailing. There was drama on the water – Dave Chisolm, crewed by Alice Gardner, was second at the windward mark but lost their mast, earning him the first Duckhams-trophy-for-gross-underachievement of the week.
Will Shepherd was runner up for losing his ruddder.

The first points race starts today and at the fleet are all eagerly looking forward to the class AGM this evening at 6:30…