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F50th Anniversary Hamble Warming Pan at HRSC

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10-11 March 2012

By Barney Smith
Over the weekend of 10-11 March Hamble River Sailing Club hosted the 50th Anniversary Hamble Warming Pan regatta. This year’s invited classes were the Firefly and National 12 fleets, the local Foxer dinghy fleet, the Merlin fleet who’ve attended the event since it started in 1962, together with a new addition for 2012, the Enterprise class. A total of 60 boats competed over the weekend.

Home boat Fourwood Thinking sailed by Barney Smith and Alannah Witherby took the Pan for the Firefly class, beating Roger Morris and Jo Findlay into second and Andy Blundell and Maddie Fenner into third.

More details and pictures in the Bulletin Magazine!

If you can’t wait till then, come and experience Hamble River Sailing club in person for a 2 day open in July