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Nationals special offers

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GJW Direct Firefly National Championships

25 – 31 August 2012 · Pwllheli Sailing Club


Helms under 22 on the 1 Jan 2012 qualify for half-price entry if they enter the 2012 nationals before the late entry deadline.

The winning helms of the BUSA fleet racing Firefly class nationals, and the BUSA team racing championships, will also be provided with one free entry to the 2012 nationals by the NFA.

For each free entry, one other boat from the winning institution must attend. Any other boat(s) will qualify for half-price entry if the helms are under 22 on the 1st January 2012. This offer is only valid until the late entry deadline which is the 11 August 2012.

This is also the deadline for the half-price under-22 offer to non-champion entries.

NFA Committee March 2012