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Buddies system update

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The ‘buddies’ system is a popular addition to the main racing series at the GJW Direct Firefly championships. It was originally adopted by the Firefly class a number of years ago and now in use by many other classes as a way of forging links between different parts of the fleet. After the first race the fleet is ranked and the top boat paired with last place, second with second last and so on. 

Prizes for the best aggregate score are awarded daily. This encourages the top boats to pass on some of their basic setup and boat handling tips to the new guys, while in the mid fleet more closely matched buddies can share tuning tips and stories about their moment of glory at the top of the fleet etc

This year the buddies system is generously sponsored by Ronstan and Sailtek, providing some great prizes for four different boats to take away every day. No pair can win twice, so by the end of the week nearly everyone will have gone home with a prize

At the 2012 nationals currently the top pair are Paul and Laura Kameen from Bosham and Rob and Mary Henderson from Salcombe YC who managed to scoop a 3rd and 4th on day 2. In second place are Richard Whitefoot and Harry Stewart from Hickling Broad SC who are paired with Rob and Mel Sherrington from Keyhaven, who are currently also lying 2nd overall in the main points series. Just a few points behind are a more mid-fleet pairing who individually are in the teens overall. Fred Mainwaring and Jen Lamb have recently acquired a great value Rondar rocketship called ‘Doris’ and they are paired with Andy Pinkham and Emma Best who were introduced to the Firefly while team racing the class at university.

Racing for Thursday is currently postponed awaiting a 30 knot northerly to abate.