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Social Sailing

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Not only an eventful week on the water, but off the water as well. Due to the students and a few other individuals not one party finished before 5am.

The social events started with a buffet put together by Pwllheli SC at the commodores reception, a few drinks and lots of catch ups between old friends.

Sunday hosted the BBQ which was very well received after the practice race and first sail of the event.

Monday evening provided the AGM attended by a record number of members followed by the chairwoman and new social sec encouraging student antics with a constant flow of Pimms. The Firefly style table games including eggs and chants. And the evening resulted in a few sailors skinny dipping, which only assisted in enhancing amusement at for the awarding of Duckhams.

Crews Union was fantastic as always whilst the helms went for “nice” tactical boat chat over curry, crews activities including boat-racing; egg, spoon and shot-races; played 3 legged; bench-pressed and flag raced. 

Wednesday’s wind blew away the hangovers quickly and Pwllheli Sailing Club provided a well-deserved hot meal following the presentation of the Gore and the Marlow Trophies. Quiz master Mr Guy presented the buddies quiz along side an ornament tournament.

After the sailing being blown off on Thursday, everyone was prepared for an evening of fancy dress. It was the party of the week with everyone demonstrating large and elaborate “big fat gypsy wedding” costumes. The hiking bench competition played havoc on the legs of all who had hiked hard to get through the finish line, the wedding costumes finishing off the pictures. The fancy dress award was given to the Durham girls gypsy caravan and the longest hiking award went to Moira Thresher who held the position for almost 3 minutes.

Friday night, the final night, prize giving and a few found farewells until next year, or just the next open next weekend.

Of course the final mention goes to all those who wore the Duckhams dress so well:

Tony Thresher – The best boat builder, who’s daughters boat broke.

Jonny Bickford – For temporarily stealing a bike to collect a new rudder from Abersoch and still not being last to launch.

Henry Arnold – For being dragged head first down the beach whilst kite-surfing when racing had been blown off.

Junior- aka Steven Clayton – Loosing his clothes after skinny dipping and clinging to a lamppost for dear life.

Ben’s & Alex’s – General stupidity, losing/flooding their tent repeatedly, obscene outfits and their £107 eBay boat which Dave Chisholm has promised to have in the top 10 at the 2013 Firefly Nationals.

Winners of the Duckhams trophy of the week went to the Bens and Alexs who have sworn to wear it to every sailing event they attend this year! Good Lads!