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Announcement of an Extraordinary General Meeting

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The Firefly committee announce:


An Extraordinary General Meeting

to be held

3rd November 2012 (Saturday of The Inland Championships)

At 1800 (or as near to that time following the days competition)

At Bough Beech Sailing Club


Bough Beech Sailing Club
Winkhurst Green Road
Bough Beech

Clubhouse Telephone: 01892 870538


The key areas to be discussed

1.    Proposal to make membership personal rather than attached to the boat owned (In line with other National Classes). Registration on the official NFA database would take the place of stickers on measurement documents.


2.    Proposal for family membership (as proposed at the AGM but not passed as need for clarification of point 1)


3.    Proposal for jib hanks to become optional rather than compulsory. (ie to allow them to be ordered without or have the hanks removed from current sails).