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Bart’s Bash at the boat show

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Stuart Hudson persuaded Sally Wakefield and current National Champions Paul and Laura Kameen to represent the Firefly Class at this year’s Battle of the Classes at the Southampton Boat Show.

Sally“shouldn’t we blow the bags up properly”
HUD“no we’ll never stick it in on a day like today”

Stuart Hudson persuaded Sally Wakefield and current National Champions Paul and Laura Kameen to represent the Firefly Class at this year’s Battle of the Classes at the Southampton Boat Show.

Full of confidence in what was a formidable team, hopes were high as they surveyed the course which had the windward mark set under a cliff which was the side of a cruise ship.

Stuart and Sally succumbed to a slam dunk shift and capsize whilst testing the first beat. Luckily Pete Barton was on hand to capture the moment for all.

There was no more testing to be done as the boat was only just bailed in time but spirits weren’t too dampened as the pair set off 14 minutes behind the Mirror, both nailing the start at the favoured end.

Unfortunately both boats then suffered a bit of a becalming on the first beat (bit being an understatement) with Stuart and Sally worst affected.

They realised that the game was all but up when passed by a GP14 at the end of the 2nd leg which in a 90 minute pursuit race really isn’t a good sign. Then followed a constant stream of all manner of boats and classes. The Mirror remained a distant unattainable goal.

The two continued stoically on and did finish close together in 24th and 25th with Paul and Laura just ahead of Stu and Sally.

Quote of the day from Laura Kameen to Stuart Hudson “Thanks for that Hud!”

After the 90 minute pursuit race (which couldn’t count towards Bart’s Bash) Paul & Laura Kameen and Start Hudson / Sally Wakefield lined up again for the 30minute massed start General Handicap Bart’s Bash race.

Having failed to promote the Firefly Class in the previous race (at all really!) the duo had a steely serious look in their eyes to rescue some pride for the class and both positioned themselves in the front row using team racing skills dragged deep from muscle memory.

The wind had dropped a bit and was shifty and the Firefly came into its own as both boats picked their way up the first beat to round 2nd and 3rd leaving faster boats in their wake. Only a Scorpion rounded ahead of them and off they set down the first reach grinning like Cheshire cats.

The faster boats slowly recovered but 15 minutes (half the race) had already passed before the N12’s caught them and a lot of the fleet never did. Stuart and Sally stayed just ahead of PK and Laura till the end.

As always with general handicap nobody has a clue who won so we all began the long sail back to pack up and go home.

Back on the shore the N12’s were whizzed off in a rib to the boat show arena to collect their Battle of the Classes 1st place prizes to great acclaim and PK and Hud and crews sloped off home with their tails between their legs.

In a strange twist to the day Hud was contacted later to be told by the organisers that he and sally had won an RS Tera for Keyhaven Y.C. for winning the Barts Bash race on handicap. Who’s laughing now Peter Barton!

Results below to prove that the Firefly really is the best class in the world with the best sailors. We’ll just forget that the Battle of the Classes ever took place!

Barts Bash 21st September 2014

Entries: 35      Races Sailed: 1


Series Place Sail No Type of Boat Helm Crew Handicap Series Points Race 1
1 3850 Firefly Stuart Hudson Sally Wakefield 1168 1 1
2 7571 Blaze Miles Mence   1026 2 2
3 2018 Firefly Paul Komeen Laura Komeen 1168 3 3
4 2022 Scorpion Peter Gray Rachel Rhodes 1042 4 4
5 1003 RS Aero Peter Barton   1010 5 5
6 8213 Albacore John Woffinden Erica Hunter 1050 6 6
7 411 RS300 Steve Bolland   990 7 7
8 3528 National 12 Nick Copsey Steve Carver 1068 8 8
9 115 D Zero James Green   1010 9 9
10 22502 2000 Rob Burridge Katie Burridge 1090 10 10
11 8192 Albacore Nev Herbert Mark Fowler 1050 11 11
12 53 D Zero Daniel Holman   1010 12 12
13 1343 Osprey Richard Marshall Nick Willis 944 13 13
14 3543 National 12 John Meadowcroft Ollie Meadowcroft 1068 14 14
15 1404 Phantom Ian Sullivan   1002 15 15
16 9125 505 Roger Deane Richard Bartholomew 910 16 16
17 70784 Mirror Nigel Thomas   1385 17 17
18 1 Scorpion Alex Hayman Simon Forbes 1042 18 18
19 14121 GP14 Andrew Clewer Toby Lewis 1130 19 19
20 194371 Laser Radial Arran Holman   1122 20 20
21 2014 Vortex Asymetric Jonathan Carter   945 21 21
22 22541 2000 Chris Jordan Jill Jordan 1090 22 22
23 164 Laser Vago Ed Deacon Felicity Jones 1064 23 23
24 1444 Laser Vago Brian Pitman   1064 24 24
25 USA4 Icon Mike Bell Charlotte Bell 969 25 25
26 204965 Laser Radial Ross Neville-Jones   1122 26 26
27 1627 Kestrel Henry Richards Christopher Richards 1025 27 27
28 10 Blaze Halo Matt Burnett   1010 28 28
29 7551 Fireball Tobias Hamer Torie Morley 975 29 29
30 ISO8 ISO Colin Snook Alison Revitt 923 30 30
31 949 Buzz Mark Turner Rob Turner 1007 31 31
32 1055 Buzz Alistair Ball Tris Turner 1007 32 32
33 4694 RS Feva Sienna Adderley Luke Doble 1222 33 33
34 5233 5000 Taff Owens Ben Ford 846 34 34
35 8 International Moth Tom Offer   590 36 36