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Tamesis Firefly Junior Cup

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23rd April 2016

12 boats made their way to South-West London for the annual Firefly Junior Cup at the TamesisClub. This event is for the children – and there seemed to be quite a few of them!

The blustery northerly wind was strong enough that not many of the children managed much helming, but a every boat had at least one child crewing or doing other crucial jobs such as sticking heads in the water or shooting water pistols.

There were three close-fought races on a windward-leeward course up and down the river, giving lots of excitement for both the sailors and the enthusiastic crowd on shore. Special mention must go to Olivia Powell, who on one of her first competitive outings in a Firefly was capsized by her dad… luckily there was plenty of restorative tea and cake on offer in the ever-hospitable Tamesis clubhouse.

In the final race of the day two intrepid children took to the helm: Thomas Davey and Matthew Mason, both aged 8, and crewed by their dads (who have a long rivalry of their own). After a titanic battle all the way the course, Matthew just held off Thomas to take line honours and the Junior Cup.

Author Jamie McEwen

Photos Carolyne Vines


Junior Cup (children helming)

Place Helm Crew
1st Matthew Mason Will Mason
2nd Thomas Davey Alex Davey


Children Crewing

Place Crew Helm
1st Thomas Davey Alex Davey
2nd Arthur Greaves Steve Greaves
3rd Finn Morris Roger Morris
4th Robbie & Elizabeth Hudson Stuart Hudson
5th Olivia & Ana Powell Alec Powell
6th Zoe & Matthew Mason Will Mason
7th William McEwen Jamie McEwen
8th Ludo Kameen Paul Kameen
9th Pippa & Millie Wakefield Nigel Wakefield
10th Anna Morris Amy Morris
11th Luca Merriman Grandpa
12th Jack Dingwall & Joe Merriman Ben Dingwall


Cheering Competition

1st Finn Kameen
2nd Ben McEwen
3rd Sylvia McEwen
4th Polly Mason
5th Ella Simmonds


Brave Sailor – Stella Davey

Best Swimmer – Olivia Powell

Nelson Lookalike – Angus McEwen