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3 New Class Rule changes now go live for the New Season! Great for Student Fireflies especially

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Pleased to report that the 3 new rule changes voted on at the AGM 2015 at Restronguet SC during the Nationals are now implemented as they are accepted and now “race legal” through the RYA process of National Class oversight.

Basically our new Fireflies built by Rondars can be measured by them subject to occasional checks by the RYA for doing it correctly.  Also Hydes team racing sails are now in class for fleet racing.  Finally we can centreline our mainsheets on the horse or let them run between the old maximum or somewhere between the two options.  This will help the institution Fireflies to be compliant with our class rules as often they have Hydes team race sets of sails and have a u bolt for the mainsheet on the track so it is fixed (it was easier to maintain they mostly felt – so sensible move but used to be out of class).

3 New for 2016 Rule changes for the Firefly:


A.12.1 For a certificate to be issued to hull not previously certified:

(d) Licenced class builder(s) are able to carry out certification measurement of new hulls/ decks that are manufactured in their factory from the licenced class moulds. The procedure will be defined by the RYA. The RYA may audit this process from time to time.


(1) The lead and reeving of the mainsheet is optional provided that

whether the mainsheet passes through a lower mainsheet block or is dead-ended at the transom, it shall be mounted on a rigid horse or track and the upper mainsheet block shall be attached to the boom.

(2) The movement of the lower mainsheet block or dead-end shall be free between limits on either side of the centreplane.

(3) The limits of movement on the mainsheet track or horse shall be anywhere from the fixed on the centreplane up to a maximum of 135mm from the centreplane. Where the lower mainsheet block is attached to a track the attachment fitting shall be a maximum of 50mm above the track.


(b) The Team racing sails that are manufactured to the racing class sail plan by the licenced sailmaker are eligible for class racing.

Here is the link to the Firefly Class Rules hosted on the RYA site –