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New Sails

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3rd June 2022: New sails update

I will be stepping down as the NFA sails rep. at the upcoming AGM. Anyone willing and able to take over the position should contact Ben Green our Chairman and feel free to give me a call if you want to know more about what the job entails.

The current position regarding new sails is that if you order now you will have a set by November. For anyone needing a set more quickly I have one set available and our builder Rondar Raceboats will have 3 sets available in June depending on the arrival of the container that left Cebu at the beginning of May.

The association will be pre ordering sets of racing sails for November delivery which members can put their names on now, meaning they will not have to stick their own numbers on! Any sets that come into the country not pre ordered will have digital 8 numbers with instructions that customers will have to affix themselves. By ordering in advance the NFA are hoping that they will be able to keep a ‘stock’ of racing sails in the country for members as and when they need them. However I cannot stress enough that it will help all parties enormously if you can think ahead and order your sails well in advance for the November or June 2023 delivery slots. This saves the NFA arranging storage and of course your sail numbers will be already affixed!!

I do not anticipate having to increase prices at the moment as the rise in October appears to be covering the variations we are getting in the exchange rate and shipping costs.

So its over and out from me come the AGM but in the mean time please do not hesitate to contact me with your sails questions, queries and of most importantly with your orders!

Tony Thresher