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We are one of the most active class associations in the country

The National Firefly Association (NFA) has been encouraging sailing participation for over 70 years, organising events, producing regular newsletters, and providing a regulatory set of standards and rules to ensure the Firefly class remains relevant, competitive and fair.

By joining the NFA, you support our legacy of encouraging sailing for all and gain all the advantages NFA members receive including our regular newsletter, access to all NFA events, exclusive discounts and being part of the Firefly class community.

We are proud to be one of the most affordable and enjoyable racing fleets in the United Kingdom culminating with our annual week-long National Championships which take place each August.


NFA Committee

Discover more about the National Firefly Association Committee which oversees the day-to-day running of the NFA.

NFA Rules

The Rules of the National Firefly Association (NFA) which all Firefly class owners and sailors abide by.


A brief history of the Firefly class from the early days of the 1940s to becoming the boat of choice for team racers across the land.