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Name: Hunkamunka

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: April 1960

Additional Build Notes:

Hull Number:

Deck Colour: Varnished Mark II

Hull Colour: Varnished Mark II

Usage: Varnished

Condition: Average Condition

Location: Average Condition

Current Owner: Jack Neale

Known Owners: Report from NFA Boat Register to Jack Neale:

"Sailed on South Coast, at Bexhill Sailing Club in the 60's, built March 1960 and measured by the RYA on 1st April. Supplied to the RAF Sailing Association, together with F2532; originally named "Wilmslow"

Her initial sailing base was probably RAF Felixstowe.

Her hull number, a Fairey Marine stock control record, seems to be 2564, hull weight on initial measurement 160lb (the class minimum at the time) and built on mould 4.

She would have been built to the Mark l layout, supplied with the recently introduced Ratsey & Lapthorn terylene sails, and a rotating, wooden top, Fairey mast, alloy boom, the tubing being supplied by Reynolds Tubes of Birmingham.

In the late 1970s and for most of the 1980s she was constantly winning in the ownership of David Booth from Rickmansworth SC, an all varnished Mark ll conversion. Then her name was 'Sir Duke' after a pop song of the time."

February 2010 - Jack Neale

History: 1984 - South Western Area Championships, Restronguet, David Booth and Claire Henley, Rickmansworth

Residing club:


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