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Name: Tanglefoot

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: October 1960

Additional Build Notes:

Hull Number: 2682

Deck Colour: Varnished Mark III

Hull Colour: Varnished Mark III

Usage: Originally varnish, then pale Wedgewood blue and now bright violent deep scarlet hull and transom, with a grey/varnished cockpit interior

Condition: Very Good Condition

Location: Very Good Condition

Current Owner: Stuart, Jane, Robbie and Elizabeth Hudson

Known Owners: 1st owner - perhaps - RA Moore, Whitstable YC, named "Zena 1"

c1963 - RPG Lewis, Chipstead SC.

c1977 - Richard Pryke, Chipstead SC, named "Werrr" c1978, rebuilt to Mark lll layout and refurbished. See F1701, F2768 & F3559

c1982 - Sevenoaks School.

Later - Stuart Hood, Spinnaker Club

Jane Stamp, Royal Harwich YC

West Kirby SC for Wilson Team Racing fleet, named "Hoylake Cottage Hospital"

1998 - Stuart Hudson (See F3850)
Rescued from Steve Tylecote's back garden in 1998 as compensation for damage sustained team racing. New transom and front tank put in by Ray Smith, Tomato Boats, West Mersea, and decks "rescued".

New centreboard case and repairs by Tony Thresher 2010.

Further renovation on-going by Hud - and back on water early in 2012.

Re-launched as "Tanglefoot"

March 2016 - exhibited RYA Dinghy Show, Alexandra Palace, together with F4270, to a vast throng of enthralled admirers and wellwishers.

History: Early 1980's Richard Pryke presented a trophy to the Chipstead SC Firefly fleet for a summer points series, the world famous "Werrr Trophy", crafted from part of the boat's woodwork, and keenly raced for each year to this day!

Stuart Hudson:

1st Tamesis open 2012
1st Chipstead open 2014
1st Inlands Chew Valley 2014

Residing club:


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