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Immaculate Condition

Fairey Marine

Build date
December 1947

Immaculate Condition

Hull Number

Deck Colour
Varnished Mark l

Hull Colour
Varnished Mark l

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Current Owner
Will Paterson (See F1221)

Known Owners
Boat Register advised Will Paterson when he acquired this dinghy: "Sail number F272, serial number 339 (a stock control record at the Fairey Marine workshop) was measured 20 December 1947, and delivered by rail to Guildford for her first owner, a Mr JA Stewart, 7 January 1948. She was all varnished, Mark l layout,, cotton sails from Ratsey & Lapthorn of Cowes and an all alloy mast from Reynolds Tubes. A couple of years later, the mast design was amended to replace the heavy and clumsy alloy top section with a lighter tapered spruce topmast, advertised as a safety feature, the wooden topmast preventing an inversion in the event of a capsize!

She was built on mould 3 and weighed 161 lb, against the class minimum hull weight at the time of 160lb.

She would have had a fixed spoon shaped rudder, a galvanised steel centre-plate weighing some 45 lb, cotton sheets and plate hoist and galvanised wire rigging none of which was of much use after a year or so of service, especially on saltwater!

Few details of subsequent owners; she was named on building "Zany"; by 1960 she was at Aldenham SC and later (after about 1968) in Somerset, but no more information."

2013 - Will Paterson, South Devon (See F1221)


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