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Name: Ross's Boat

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: June 1964

Additional Build Notes:

Hull Number:

Deck Colour: Varnished Mark IV

Hull Colour: Varnished Mark IV

Usage: White

Condition: Excellent Condition

Location: Excellent Condition

Current Owner: Mark Jennings

Known Owners: Built June 1964, hull number 2918.

1st owner: D Hopwood, Birkhall, Scotland, boat named: "Schmoo"

Undated - J Beveridge, Perth SC, named "Tay Peril"

1968 - Patricia Brockbank, Hollingworth Lake SC

October 1974 - Andrew Rowe, Hollingworth Lake SC, named "Plain Jane"

c1979 - David Howarth, Hollingworth SC, named "Wun - Nun - Yet"

May 2009 - reported for sale, Southampton

Undated - reported at Spinnaker Club

2011 - Ross Lonsdale, West Oxfordshire SC

2013 - Rebuilt to Mark lV by Tony Thresher Boat Builder

2015 - Mark Jennings, West Oxfordshire SC

History: NFA 10/2017

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