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Name: Skipper

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: September 1964

Additional Build Notes: Kit, See F720

Hull Number:

Deck Colour: When built Varnish Mark I

Hull Colour: When built Varnish Mark I

Usage: Red (When built Varnish)

Condition: Not Known

Location: Not Known

Current Owner: Shaun Pollard

Known Owners: . Initial RYA measurement - 25 September Hull number - 3059 Hull weight - not recorded Constructed on mould 4 1st owner - Greshams School, Holt, Norfolk, Barton Broad SC named "Skipper" See F764 for more details of Greshams' School Firefly fleet. Kit built up by pupils and staff, and named after a skool staff member, Major "Skipper" Howard, Commodore, 1962, of the school's sailing club. Perhaps owned until 1982 Next available recorded information - May 2016 - raced South Western Championships by Jack Elsby - Hartman and Millie Revell, Restronguet SC Undated - Adam Mason. July 2017 - reported for sale, Restronguet Undated - Peter Cook and Janet Exelby, Salcombe YC, see F3127 and F3919 c2021 - Shaun Pollard, Dell Quay SC See F3017

History: NFA update - 08/2021

Residing club:


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