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Name: Arctic Roll

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: April 1965

Additional Build Notes: Kit

Hull Number: 3070

Deck Colour: Varnish Mark IV

Hull Colour: Varnish Mark IV

Usage: BMC Mini Cooper factory specification colour "Tartan Red" c1968

Condition: Immaculate Condition

Location: Immaculate Condition

Current Owner: Alastair Vines

Known Owners: . 1st owner - Dickie Vines, see F244 and F2862. (Built from Fairey Marine kit, completed 1974) 1974 - 1994 - Alastair Vines (Son of Dickie Vines), Herne Bay SC, Whitstable YC, Westbere Frostbite Sailing Assn, Midland SC and Redditch SC 1994 - 2003 - John Lavine, Redditch SC 2003 - 2013 - Paul Fuller, Redditch SC 2013 - Alastair Vines, Redditch SC See F344, F2820 and F4125. Rebuilt and converted to Mark IV layout by Tony Thresher, completed March 2015

History: NFA 01/2021

Residing club:


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