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Name: Gin

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: November 1965

Additional Build Notes:

Hull Number: 3083

Deck Colour: Varnish Mark l

Hull Colour: Varnish Mark l

Usage: Varnish, horizontal external planking

Condition: Good Condition

Location: Good Condition

Current Owner: James Preece

Known Owners: 1st owner - thought to be Hull University, Hornsea SC,, supplied with F3085 by Fairey Marine to Humber Marine Services, named "Gin" (F3085 named "Itt") NFA ownership records perhaps seemingly muddled . . . c1970 - D and Master D Heartshorne, Hornsea SC c1971 - G Weekes, Hornsea SC c1975 - Alan Hardman, Hornsea SC Perhaps - April 2004 - Paul Elwood, Hornsea SC, see F3035 April 2018 - James Preece, Hornsea SC Spring and summer 2019 - rebuilt, progress detailed on and Re-launched September 2019

History: NFA 09/2019

Residing club:


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