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Name: Rat Bag

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: April 1966

Additional Build Notes: Kit

Hull Number:

Deck Colour: Varnish Mark lV

Hull Colour: Varnish Mark lV

Usage: Red

Condition: Not Known

Location: Not Known

Current Owner: Gideon Sherwood

Known Owners: .
Initial hull measured 6 April
Hull number - 3088
Hull weight - not recorded
Constructed mould 4
1st owner - Bill Brockbank, named "S.B."
Hollingworth Lake SC and West Kirby SC
Kit supplied without sails
Collected 6 April

As well as an impressive Firefly racing record, both team and class (see below), Bill is famed for completing a 300 mile passage across the North Sea to Norway in a Wayfarer dinghy, aged 21, crewing for Frank Dye, in July 1964.

Frank Dye died 2010 and his Wayfarer, "Wanderer", is now in the care of the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, displayed there from time to time.

c1970 - PD Avis, Shoreham by Sea, Sussex

c1973 - CJM Downes, thought to be Upper Thames SC

c1976 / 1980 - Harrow School, Upper Thames SC

1980 - G Dennis, Wembley SC

1981 - Mrs C Paremain, Wembley SC

1985 - Ian Frais, Wembley SC

c 1991 - Mike and Steven Clayton, bought from Wembley Sailing Club
and home rebuilt to Mark IV layout.
Named "Rat Bag".
See F3033 and F3552

March 2022 - Gideon Sherwood, Dell Quay SC
See F2525

History: NFA update March 2022

Bill Brockbank -

1968 and 1969 - The Vines Trophy, sadly seemingly no record of Brockbank's crew

Chichester Smith National Single-Handed Championships:

1966 Herne Bay
1969 Weymouth
1970 Falmouth

1970 Falmouth - Championship week - Felixstowe Ferry Trophy

Residing club:


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