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Name: Cyril

Builder: Vic Lewis Boats, Small Heath, Birmingham

Build date: 1974

Additional Build Notes: GRP, Perhaps moulded by John Baker Ltd, Kenton Forge, Exeter, Devon. Equipped with Proctor mast and boom, sails by Ratsey & Lapthorn, Cowes. Thought to be the first grp Firefly built following the closure of Fairey Marine

Hull Number:

Deck Colour: Perhaps White

Hull Colour: Perhaps White

Usage: Perhaps Blue, Moulded with decks to approximately Mark II dimensions, half height built in bouyancy tanks full length of the hull, swweping uo to meet the side decks at the stern. Built in tank under the fore deck, forward of the mast

Condition: Not Known

Location: Not Known

Current Owner: Present owner not known

Known Owners: Thought to have been exhibited at London Dinghy Show, Crystal Palace, March 1974 1st owner - Vic Lewis, Midland SC Undated Bath University, Chew Valley Lake SC 1982 - Mrs M Crossland, Parkstone YC, see F2649 1985 - JT Brown, perhaps Midland SC May 2020 - Firefly of this unusual design advertised for sale, Norfolk, White hull, blue decks. Offered with none - class sails and seemingly no identification marks or plates to pinpoint exact class number - perhaps F3399?

History: NFA 05/2020

Residing club:


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