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Name: Last Gasp

Builder: Rondar Raceboats

Build date: September 2006

Additional Build Notes:

Hull Number: 296

Deck Colour: Platinum

Hull Colour: Platinum

Usage: Platinum

Condition: Good Condition

Location: Good Condition

Current Owner: Patch Fillery

Known Owners: 1st owner - Aberdeen University, named "Inanda" Part of batch F3894/F3899

Undated - Speed Sails. Seemingly acquired from Sheffield University as an insurance write - off, repaired and re - rigged; reason for being written - off are uncertain as the hull was reported as being sound, dry and of minimum weight after repair.

2006 - Tony Thresher, West Oxfordshire SC .

2009 - Andrew Banks, Spinnaker Club

July 2019 - Tony Thresher, West Oxfordshire SC, named "Last Gasp"

July 2020 - advertised for sale, www.apolloduck at West Oxfordshire SC

2020 - Patch Fillery, Dell Quay SC

History: NFA 07/2020

Residing club:


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