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Name: Serious Repair

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: September 2010

Additional Build Notes: Renumbered by RYA September 2010, See notes

Hull Number:

Deck Colour: Varnish Mark IV

Hull Colour: Varnish Mark IV

Usage: Pale Wedgewood Blue

Condition: Immaculate Condition

Location: Immaculate Condition

Current Owner: Claire John

Known Owners: cMay 2010 - rebuilt to Mark IV layout by Tony Thresher Boat Builder, from an early Fairey Marine hot-moulded wooden hull, original sail and hull numbers unknown, but the style and colour of the planking suggests perhaps cF900. Early ownership records therefore not available. 2010 - Tony Thresher, West Oxfordshire SC. 2015 - Claire John, Rickmansworth SC. May 2021 - advertised for sale, www.apolloduck at Rickmansworth SC

History: NFA 05/2021

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