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Very Good Condition

Fairey Marine

Build date
December 1948

Very Good Condition

Hull Number

Deck Colour
Varnish Mark l

Hull Colour
Varnish Mark l

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Current Owner
Ruth Vaughan

Known Owners
G J Bakker from new, Rickmansworth SC

March 2010 - Ruth Vaughan, St Mary's Loch SC

Ruth Vaughan writes:

"Built late 1948 and measured on 25 January 1949, prior to despatch by rail to University Marine Ltd at Watford; she was all varnished and was supplied with a second suit of sails, to the 'reduced rig' specification. First owner, Mr GJ Bakker of Watford, keeping the boat at Rickmansworth SC.

She seems to be named 'Samba'

She would have been built to the Mark l layout, with a fixed spoon shape rudder, galvanised steel plate (weight about 45lb - phew!) and cotton sails by Ratsey and Lapthorn of Cowes. All wire rigging galvanised, rather than stainles steel, and all ropes cotton. Well before the days of jamb cleats as we know them now, and suction bailers.

She might also have been built before a few quite major changes were made, including moving the chainplates a few inches further aft to support the mast all the better, and moving the kicker attachment on the boom a few inches forward to protect the crew's ears the better! Original rotating Fairey mast with a tapered wooden top mast section. Advertising at the time, proclaimed this as an added safety feature with the buoyancy of the wood helping to prevent an inversion!

Is there any sign of the chainplates and their supporting wood pads inside the hull being moved? If you have the original boom, any sign of moving the kicker attachment point? Around this time, the shroud positions on the hull were moved aft for better support of the mast, and the kicker fixing point moved forward on the boom to give more space for the crew.

The centreplate box sides would have been built in mahogany, later on, boxes were built in plywood. Her hull weighed at 161 lb, against the class minimum at the time of 160 lb.

Samba has not been modified in any way and has all her original fittings, including sails!"

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