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Name: Jaguar

Builder: Fairey Marine

Build date: October 1949

Additional Build Notes:

Hull Number: 691

Deck Colour:

Hull Colour:


Condition: Average Condition

Location: Average Condition

Current Owner: Sienna Giffin

Known Owners: Supplied with F704 & F705 by Fairey Marine to the company's NW dealer, PT Danby Ltd. Delivered by rail. YRA measured 14 October, hull weight noted at 172lb, class minimum at the time 160lb 1st owner - thought to be - Miss Marilyn Wilson, Hollingworth Lake SC, named "Tiffy" c1972 - J Whittaker, Budworth SC. c1976 - J Adrian Pearce, Northwich SC, named "Jaguar" c1977 - Richard Allbeson, Tatton Mere SC November 2019 - advertised, "free to a good home" by Sienna Giffin on, as a renovation project. Mark I deck layout

History: NFA 11/2019

Residing club:


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