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Welcome to the Resources section, where you will find helpful hints, tips and useful information.

Our team of expert sailors are on hand to provide valuable guides on Firefly class sailing.

Technical information

The Firefly was designed as a low-cost One-Design racing boat over 70 years ago.

Class Rules

The National Firefly Class aims to provide high-standard strict one-design racing at a reasonable cost.

Hints and tips

Hints and tips from past and present National Champions.

Rondar tuning

Stuart Hudson guides you through setting up and tuning a Rondar Firefly.

Must-know basics

Important facts and must-know basics about the Firefly and the National Firefly Association.

Composite Firefly

Composite Firefly Kits and Hulls are available from Rondar Raceboats.

How to order sails

How to order new sails from the NFA and help your Association.